Smart Homes Tasmania

Smart Home Installation and Automation for New & Existing Homes within Tasmania.

Have your heard about voice activation for your home?


How about being able to fit WiFi lighting within your home and save energy?


Perhaps you want to install sensors to monitor activity within your home?


Smart Homes Tasmania provides smart technology installation for homes within Tasmania, turning your home into a smart home.

We are located in Hobart and available to travel all around the state.

Smart Home Installation


We offer a number of packages based on clients interests, however, the sky is the limit if the technology is available. See our packages for a few systems we’ve already installed and tested, or contact us to talk about something a little bit more custom.




The very minimum you need is an NBN connection to your home. That’s all. For a lot of our packages there are no need for electricians or locksmiths, so we keep installation and setup costs very low to get you started.

Want to know more?

Our about page lists more information about us, about the benefits of having a smart home and about the pricing.


Who is Smart Technology for?


There are so many different reasons to have smart technology in your home, the most common one being able to automate repetitive tasks.


  • Security Monitoring
  • Energy Saving
  • Pet & Family Monitoring
  • Chefs / Kitchens
  • People with a busy schedule

Smart Home Usage Examples

Example One - Energy Saver

“I have been very energy conscious recently and noticed I’m always running appliances in my home, even when I’m not there; appliances on standby. My daily schedule is to leave around 7:30 – 8:00 AM each morning and I arrive back home anytime after 8:00 PM when it’s dark. Now I am able to not worry about turning everything off because I just tell Google I’m leaving and it turns everything off for me. When I come home I tell Google from my phone that I’m home and it turns on the lights for me – so I can see where I’m going – and turns back on all standby appliances. The smart home doesn’t just save me on energy costs, it’s made my life a bit easier.”


This is just one example of someone benefiting from their smart home. They’ve been able to solve the problem of not being able to see when they get home, and also being energy conscious about what they’re burning during the day.

Example Two - Time Saver

“I use smart home technology on my farm because I have a daily routine and a lot can be automated. I’m able to create schedules for tasks in my home, so in the morning I’m now able to sleep in an extra 30 mins and when I wake up, I say good morning to Google and it turns on the coffee machine.”


Thirty minutes each morning doesn’t sound like much on saving time, but for someone on a busy schedule it’s a luxury. Plus having fresh coffee made in the morning without lifting a finger is a bonus.

Example Three - Aged Care

“I’ve been able to have Smart Homes Tas install smart technology in my parents home. They’re getting a bit older now and I’m always worried. Now I have sensors in their home that informs me when there has been more than 24 hours of inactivity. They’re also able to use their TV to see who is at the front door when someone rings the bells.”


This is a problem solved for an elderly couple that don’t always want to get up to see who is at the front door, and also informs their children if there has been no activity in the house for more than a day.

A few good reasons for having  smart home is being efficient by using automation and solving problems. There are a lot of products on the market and they all talk to different devices, each smart home is designed based on the purpose and platform of the user.


Smart Homes Tasmania can supply all the products you’ll need for an installation. Talk to us today about taking the first steps into fitting your new or existing home with smart technology.


Want to get started already?

We are really passionate about smart homes, it’s our life! We’re looking forward to your inquiry and meeting you.


What is Smart Technology and a Smart Home?


Smart technology is anything that can communicate via the internet, meaning you can control it from a device. Smart technology is also known as the Internet of Things or IoT for short. To put it simply, they’re appliances that connect to the internet to receive commands, like ON and OFF.


A smart home is a term used when your home has IoT devices connected to your network and you have set up commands and automation systems in order to make your life easier.

Common Questions & Answers

What If My Power Goes Out?

If the power goes out for your home, then your phone service and NBN will also not work. But having said that, if the power is out you can’t use any devices plugged into the wall.


We have come up with a solution that ensures you are able to access and use other devices such as locks and surveillance cameras, even when the power goes out.

Do some devices run from batteries?

Yes, and you will need to replace them now and then. Usually locks and cameras operate from their own batteries that need replacing either by yourself or a trained professional, depending on the device.

Do I Need An Electrician?

If you want to install light switches instead of having smart globes in your ceiling, we use local electricians for the installation.


This is best suited for larger homes if the amount of smart globes would exceed 60.


If you have a small one story home or apartment, you won’t need to use an electrician.

Do I Need A Locksmith?

If you plan in installing locks then we use local locksmiths to install the devices. We then set the devices up to your network and your devices for entry. We show you how it’s all done and how to maintain it.


If you’re not plan on having locks and like using a key, you won’t need a locksmith.

Are There Any Security Issues?

Most devices come with encryption which is a level of security. For some networks there may be some vulnerabilities, so we will install something called an encryption box to your network, which is a high level of security for your devices.


Ultimately if someone is going to hack your lights, it will be a gateway into your network, so having secure passwords for your router is also required.

Don’t forget when building/renovating!

When it comes to installing some IoT devices into your home, you may descide to renovate your home at the same time. Here at Smart Homes Tas, we like to use and promote local business owners. This is helpful if you’re from the mainland and not sure where to go first.

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