About Us


We fit smart home technology into your home, teach you how to use it and show you how to add new products to your network.


Smart Homes Tasmania are the first to offer IoT Solutions into Tasmanian homes and making people’s lives easier.


We are based in Hobart, Tasmania and available to fit technology into any NBN ready home within Tasmania.


Our Process

For the initial consultation, one of our team members will come to your house for a consultation and to go through a checklist of the products and scenarios you would like in your Smart Home.

We will then order the products for your home and keep you in the loop regarding delivery dates etc. Once the Items arrive, we will organise a date to fit all of the technology into your home for you!

There are some things that we aren’t able to install ourselves and need either a locksmith or an electrician by law. In these cases, we will organise contractors to come in and fit the final products (light switches and locks only)


We then setup all your products to your network and link to your devices.

What You Need First

There are a few things you will need in order to have a smart home. You will need a dedicated internet connection, meaning you’ll need NBN going to you home with a strong router.


If your router is not strong enough to cover your entire home and you require a boosted internet connection to reach everywhere in your home, we can install a mesh network to create a WiFi bubble within your home and speed your internet up across the entire house.

Want to get started already?

We are really passionate about smart homes, it’s our life! We’re looking forward to your inquiry and meeting you.


About Smart Homes


What is a smart home? If you’ve landed on this website then it’s most likely you’ve already hear the term “smart home” or at least seen an advertisement on television for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.


A Smart Home is simply a home that has devices connected to your internet network. You can control them via the web and your smartphone. Most devices you will be able to control remotely, meaning that you don’t have to be home on your WiFi to turn them on and off, as long as you’re connected to a mobile network.


A smart home is a network of devices that make your life easier, solve a problem, remove a repetitive task through automation or adds an extra layer of security to your home.


About Pricing

Many of you might be thinking “this all sounds great, but how much does it cost?”


That all depends on how big your house is. Your ballpark figures all depend if you want just functionality or if you would like to monitor consumption. Each device will have specific functions.


For example, smart plugs are just a plug that can be controlled remotely and they all have this function, however, to add automation and/or to monitor energy consumption you will need to buy a smart plug that offers these features.


A basic smart home installation for a two bedroom home can cost anywhere between $1,000 – $5,000 depending on what you require and how many devices you will need.


A more sophisticated smart home installation in a two bedroom home can cost anywhere between $2,000 – $10,000 depending on your requirements, energy monitoring functions and automation standards.


Anybody can get started with building the foundation of their smart home with just a chromecast and Google mini for just under $200.

About The Benefits

Now you know all about us and what a smart home is, let’s start looking at the benefits of fitting your home with smart technology.


  • Save money on electricity per year
  • Eliminate repetitive tasks with automation
  • Solving problems that would normally cause discomfort
  • Data collection for your house
  • Extra security for your property
  • Middle Man elimination (security packages)


These are just some common points we’re receiving via our website. If you have any other creative ideas and want it listed on this website then contact us about guest posting on our website.