10pcs JDY-18 Bluetooth Module 4.2 High Speed Transmission BLE Mesh Networking Master-Slave Integration


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Product introduction: The JDY -18 transmission module is based on the Bluetooth 4.2 protocol standard, the working band is 2.4GHZ, the debugging mode is GFSK, the maximum transmission power is 0dB, the maximum launch distance is 60 meters. The imported original chip is designed to support the user to modify the equipment name, service UUID, transmit power, match the password and so on by AT command, convenient and quick. Use flexibly. JDY-18 Bluetooth module can realize the data transmission of module and cell phone and module, can choose UART or IIC communication mode through IO, and can use BLE Bluetooth for product application quickly through simple configuration. JDY-18 advantage: 1: JDY-18 uses BLE 4.2 protocol development compatibility BLE5.0, and mobile phone compatibility is better than CC2541 module. 2: the peak current of TX and RX is 5 to 6mA, and the peak current of CC2541 is more than ten MA. In the low power consumption, JDY-18 is more power saving and lower power consumption, such as electronic lock, or battery powered products.The JDY-18 module is generally recommended, and the average power consumption is at least half of JDY-08. It can also be used to transfer pictures on the printer. 3: The large transmission rate of the JDY-18 module is more than 8K per second. The master and slave communication supports 115200 baud rates to receive and receive continuously, and does not lose the packet. The serial test tool uses SSCOM test. 4: JDY-18 supports UART or IIC communication interface, which can be applied to lower cost MUC applications. 5: JDY-18 supports SIG standard MESH and JDY-16M supports MESH networking. 6: JDY-18 operation speed, performance, great promotion. Module parameters: JDY-18 Product introduction Model JDY-18 Working frequency band 2.4G Emissive power Odb (maximum) Communication interface UART or IIC Working level 1.8V-3.3V Working temperature -40-80 Antenna built-in PCB antenna Broadcast instruction Board broadcast indicator LED lamp Reception sensitivity -97dbm Transmission distance 60m Bluetooth version BLE4.2(compatibleBLE4.0,BLE4.1) Transmission rate 115200 bps/s Wake-up state current 4.9mA (broadcast) Shallow sleep state current

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