When Would You Use Smart Plugs?

Smart plugs are new on the market and not many people quite know what to do with them yet. I’ve read online already that some people are using them to turn on and off power sources that are normally hard to reach, a few people have mentioned turning lamps on and off for mood lighting and the most creative one being for turning on the kettle in the morning.


In this article I’m going to go through 5 useful ways to use smart plugs within your home. Let’s get started…

So what would you use a smart plug for?

1) Mood Lighting

Imagine you come home, it is dark and you are carrying something… “Hey Google, I’m Home” and suddenly all the lamps in your home turn on. This can happen with smart plugs and ordinary lamps. If you have a lot of lamps in a big house, don’t spend money on bulbs, just get smart plugs.


2) Cheap Coffee Machine

Well it’s not really a coffee machine, it’s the kettle trick. It is just too good to re-share.

This is what you do:

  • Fill your kettle up enough water for what you need tomorrow
  • Plug it into a smart plug making sure it’s off
  • Turn on kettle so it’s ready to boil
  • Set plug to turn on when you say “Good morning Google”

When the plug turn on then the kettle will start to boil and the auto switch on the kettle will flick off as it normally does when the water boils.


3) Hard To Reach Places

Have you ever had a power point behind your entertainment unit, making it hard or impossible to switch it off? Ok now how many devices are you running on standby during the day on that one entertainment unit? If you answered “yes” and “a few” then you you need smart plugs. You can save on energy by having a routine that turns off your standby devices when you leave the house, and turns them back on when you come home.

large entertainment unit

4) Driveway Lights

Most people are using a sensor for their outside lights, which is fine if you’re doing it for security, but if you just need it to see for that brief moment you park you car, then why not use smart plugs. You can active smart plugs remotely without being on your WiFi network. You can install ordinary spot light plugged into a power point for your driveway and activate the plug using your device.

Example, if you’re driving home and you use Google Home, you can create a custom routine where you can say “driveway lights” and run the task “turn outside front light on”, then turn them off when you say “Hey Google, I’m Home” which can turn your lamps on from the mood lighting section on this article.


5) Heating

Here in Tasmania it can get pretty cold, and how many times have you fell asleep with the heater on, or wish the heater would come on just before you woke up to heat up the room. Smart plugs allow this to happen. You can set schedules to turn off the plug your heater is connected to at certain times, and vise versa. No longer do you have to take your morning business to the cold part of the house in the morning!

These are just a few examples on how to use smart plugs. Of course the sky is the limit if you can be creative enough to find a use.

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